U10Playbook<-201508By Steve Johnson, co-founder, Under10 Playbook

Years ago I kept a notebook of product-related stuff. It had my positioning and pricing and launch plan; my notebook had the current backlog and personas and roadmaps. It was all printed out and stored in a nice binder I carried at all times. That way, I was always prepared for my meetings and for “executive drop-ins” where a VP wanted to know about some aspect of the product delivery plan.

In working with teams on their product playbook, I’m often asked about productivity tools for product management. Where do you store your personas? Where do you put market definition and roadmaps? If you put them on a generic corporate file system somewhere, you may never find them again. Sure, you could force some development-oriented Wiki to store documents but it needs to be smarter than that.

In a recent survey, only 26% of product managers said they had the right tools and resources.

We need a centralized place to store product management artifacts. Designed for product managers.

A product playbook should start with personas and their stories, which define the business metrics and the roadmap. It should give you the tools to communicate with your stakeholders in development, marketing, and the executive ranks. It should support the business aspects of the product without duplicating what you already have in your development tool.

That’s why we’re developing the Under10 Playbook application. Software to manage your product, personas, stories, roadmaps, and more—all the templates and tools you use on a daily basis, as well as their relationships with one another. Personas define the importance of stories and the size of the market opportunity. Product stories (or epics) describe how you’re going to address persona problems and feed releases which drive the roadmap.

We’re looking for a few people interested in guiding the development of the Under 10 Playbook. We want people who are already using personas to focus their backlogs. People who look beyond product development to the business, marketing, and sales aspects. Most of all, we want people who will share their experiences and give us valuable feedback.

Is that you?

Under 10 Playbook helps you define, develop, and refine awesome products. It’s a smart notebook for managing products—from business to development to delivery. It’s like Jira for product managers.

  • Critical documents, centralized. Manage your product, personas, stories, roadmaps, and more—the minimal set of templates and tools you reference on a daily basis.
  • Prioritization built in.  Automatically prioritizes by computing opportunity scores as you define artifacts.
  • Based on the Under 10 “personas first” methodology. Market personas and their stories drive product release decisions so you deliver the right features to your market on schedule.

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