What’s your product planning method?

It’s likely some product management team members have formal training; others don’t. Some have years of experience; some have just started. They probably have some tools they’ve used in the past and maybe some templates from a training class. How do you adapt these to your business and products?

It’s time to get your team on the same page. They need a common language, a company-specific set of tools and templates, and standard methods for developing and delivering products.

“Make it stick”

The Under10 Product Playbook is a customized set of tools and training created specifically for your organization. We identify your top areas of concern and work with you to create a process that fits your team.

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Product planning process
  • Portfolio roadmapping
  • Market and product personas
  • Portfolio and product positioning
  • Product backlog
  • Promotional backlog
  • Competitive battle cards
  • Profitability retrospective
  • Product scorecard

We deliver the playbook with workshops, typically delivered over the span of a few sessions. We leverage our experience with hundreds of companies to meet the special needs of your business and create in-house experts for each of your critical product management methods.

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