You’ve attended seminars and read some books. But how do you apply what you’ve learned to your business and your products?

Maybe you’ve sat in on a training or watched a few video presentations. But there are so many definitions of product management and so many activities. The number of methods and frameworks for managing products is bewildering. Which are critical and which are just noise?

You’ve learned what to do in managing products. Now you need someone to show you exactly how to do it.

What’s the best way to get your products from idea to market quickly?

Most organizations need a small number of living documents—fewer than 10—to manage their products and services. Today’s organizations favor minimal process, brief artifacts, and simple worksheets. Don’t you?

The Under10 approach is simple. With decades of experience, we’ve identified the core elements of defining and delivering products: personas have problems; products have features; features are released and sometimes launched. Everything in product management is derived from these core artifacts.

Under10 combines method with software to give you an approach that works. We apply these principles to your products with highly interactive workshops and webinars, and store the results online in your product playbook.

We help product teams apply industry best practices to their portfolio of products with proven tools and methods—and customized to your top priorities.

Define and deliver the right product right… in under 10 steps.